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Long Arm Cast Cover - Hearts

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Short Arm Cast Cover - Skulls

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Leg Cast Cover - Leopard

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Fleece Toe - Camo


On Amazon

This is a quality cast cover, material like lycra stretchy, fits over cast beautifully, makes cast look alot neater and tidier, also so comfy to wear, comes in some great funky designs and colours, something to suite everyone of all ages, the extra toe cover an excellent bonus keeps toes cosy when out, would highly recommend, couldn't be without mine now, thank you.
I"m totally in LOVE with my AMAZING leg cast cover which has SAVED my cold, blue, newly fractured nasty, very painful recent 5th metatarsal foot disaster! Delivery NEXT MORNING after ordering. COLOUR as shown, so EASY to SLIP over cast, stops SNAGGING/CATCHING instantly. It's CROWNING triumph is the inner cosy, FLEECY TURN BACK WARMER returning my toes to WRIGGILY WARM TOES again. WASHES fab too!
My 1st fab toe warming leg cast toe saver and I can't praise it enough! Delivered day after ordering. Colour is brighter than shown but no prob. Washes/dries beautifully retaining shape. The cosy, fleece turn back toe warmer cover is simple but very effective. Worth the price even when discounted. Almost worth fracturing left foot 5th metatarsal in cast awaiting surgery!! Painkillers and book 😉
I bought this for my daughter when she broke her foot and it certainly looks better than looking at the cast! I ordered 2 others from another vendor but the construction isn't as good. It's nice to have different prints to wear over your cast. The flap that covers the toes is really nice in cold weather.
Thank you! No more scratchy cast when I sleep!
Very Nice Cast Cover! Fits well and looks good!
It fits, arrived as promised and as described. Too cute! I'm even getting compliments from the nurses.
Just like I thought it would be. Great product.

On Facebook

So pleased with my Cast Cover!!! Ordered from Amazon, got the hearts one for short arm cast. It's easy to slide on & off, comfy, very functional & SUPER CUTE, I'm getting compliments everywhere I go. LOVE my Cast Cover! Will try to post a pic.
Kimberly B.
Love my cast cover! I ordered one for my leg cast from Amazon, and the leopard print is not only stylish, but also keeps my toes warm! I love it! It shipped super quick from Amazon. Since I'll be in my cast for 3 1/2 more weeks, I think I may need another one!
Caroline M.
Just got my cast cover and love it. The cast had been irritating my leg on the top back but this covers it and no longer have the irritation. May have to order another one since I have 7 more weeks in the cast. Recommend to anyone wearing a cast. Love love it!!!
Tonya L.
The Cast Cover is so great in protecting my house and my skin!
Mia S.
The cover is a life saver for going around outside after ankle surgery. Great. Would recommend.
Eugene T.
Got my black Cast Cover today, just in time for a dinner that we are attending tomorrow night. There will be no hiding the fact I have a cast, but at least I will feel a bit more "together" with my new Cast Cover!! The construction and material are even better than I expected. I am a plus size woman, and the 2x/3x fits my wide calf beautifully. Thank you!
Cynthia S.
Received my cast cover yesterday!! It fits perfectly and the "skull" motif is awesome. Thanks!!!!
Norma H.
I love my cast covers so much...A perfect accessory for a very boring cast..!! My order came very quickly and I couldn't be more pleased XXXX Thank you.
Victoria M.
Received my cast cover today. I am preparing for surgery. Very surprised at what good quality the fabric of the cast cover is. I purchased the zebra print design off of Amazon. I will be purchasing another. Very pleased.
Denise B.
I am so impressed. We only had the option of a plain white cast, this is so great because now my son can have cool black with red flames! The material is stretchy and easy to put over his little cast! Great product!
Heather U.
I have been in a cast for my evil left foot for about 6 weeks now. In the process, I have OBLITERATED a fitted sheet, ripped a few bags and rubbed my good right foot raw because I sleep horribly. I have ruined several good socks as well by trying to stretch them over my gnarled toes. Just Monday, I decided to invest in a Cast Cover after looking on Amazon. I initially wanted some socks big enough to go over it, but I kept seeing them in my search. I'm so glad I gave in to curiosity! I am currently wearing the black one and I am HOOKED! Since I'm facing surgery on the foot, I am going to be casted for 4-6 weeks. I see myself buying a couple more..because I need some to match my New Balance collection! -- Tamara N. Thank you for making my cast fun! Love it.
Kara W.
The best investment I have ever made for such a gnarly situation! No more destroyed socks, bandannas, sheets or furniture. I am now limping in high fashion!
Tamara C.
Love my cast cover! Kept the cast on my foot so clean. Loved the protection.
Elizabeth D.
My son recently broke his wrist and, due to a miscommunication, ended up with a bright green cast, much to his chagrin. As a member of Air Cadets, he wanted something a little more subdued, so we ordered the black and grey camouflage cast cover, and he loves it! Thanks for providing such a great product!
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