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Mother Of Invention

In 2010, a California mom broke her leg, causing her to wear a fiberglass cast for six weeks. She quickly became keenly aware of the daily challenges wearing an uncomfortable cast can cause. It not only affected her, but her entire family. Outside dirt was constantly dragged into the home on her cast. Her husband and kids were getting scratched by the cast’s rough edges when they were near her. Her own skin was getting scratches on her uninjured leg. To complicate her frustration, she began to notice scratches on her flooring and snags on her furniture, bed sheets and clothing. The final straw came on the day she stepped out of her car onto a piece of freshly discarded chewing gum. The rough texture of the cast material latched onto the gum, making a sticky, unsanitary mess.

As his wife scraped and picked the gooey gum from the bottom of the cast, her husband came to the realization that a slip-on cast cover would be the solution. Once he began to ruminate on the idea, he realized a “cast protector” would actually solve a lot of problems: no more cast scratches, no more snags on their furniture and less dirt embedded in the grooves of the cast to track indoors. He also thought it made sense to have one cover to wear outside the home and another clean one just for sleeping. Eventually, an even better idea came to mind. What if there were a cast cover that could protect your toes from dirt and weather and keep them warm, yet provide the versatility to vent your toes when it got too hot?

A Star Is Born

Enter: The Cast Cover™ with the patent-pending Versa-Toe Flip™. This unique cast protector is designed to make living with a cast easier. Easy to apply and easy to remove, The Cast Cover™ features durable four-way stretch material that conforms to a range of dimensions and is available in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. What’s more, the versatile, built-in toe cap can be closed to protect skin from sun, wind and dirt, or opened to allow toes to breathe.

Proving the adage, “necessity is the mother of invention,” one mother’s need prompted RD Concepts, Incorporated to create The Cast Cover™. The Cast Cover™ provides hygienic protection and flexible comfort to those who have to live with — or around anyone with — a cast.