Comfort & Protection

When you have to wear a cast for several weeks, cast comfort is of the utmost importance. While you are healing, you shouldn’t also suffer the all-too-common problems of cast scratches, snags and scuffs or, if you have a leg cast, having your toes exposed to sunburn, windburn, cold and dirt. The Cast Cover™ offers the highest quality cast protection on the market today in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your personality and style.

A Perfect Fit

Cast wearers appreciate The Cast Cover's high-performance 4-way-stretch fabric that enables it to fit snugly and smooth over the rough textures of plaster and fiberglass casts. Another benefit of this premium fabric is that it can make it easier to put on waterproof cast covers needed for bathing and showering.

Comfort Choice: Vent or Cover Toes

The Cast Cover™ for Legs features our patent-pending Versa-Toe Flip™, an exclusive toe cap design that allows you to flip a built-in cover over toes to protect from weather and dirt. In warm temperatures, covering or venting your toes is a breeze with the simple flip of a flap. In cold climates, the optional fleece-lined Versa-Toe Flip helps keep toes warm and protects against hypothermia.

Prevent Cast Scratches on Skin and More

The Cast Cover’s unique design prevents cast scratches to exposed areas of your skin and the skin of others. What's more, the smooth fabric prevents snags on clothing, upholstery and bedding, and lets you rest at ease without worrying about scuffs on wood floors and furniture. Cast comfort is not limited to the cast wearer: loved ones, co-workers and even complete strangers will have increased comfort when you protect your hard, scratchy cast with a smooth and stylish cover from The Cast Cover™.

Cast Protection Like No Other

The Cast Cover™ offers the highest quality cast protectors on the market. Our high-performance designs are constructed with four-way-stretch fabric that fits snugly, slips on and off easily, and smooths the rough edges around exposed skin areas. Reinforced bands keep each cover in place throughout the day, and features like our patent-pending Versa-Toe Flip™ toe cap provide comfort and versatility in leg cast covers like no other product around.

Keep Your Cast and Living Space Clean

Our cast protectors provide a barrier between environmental dirt and the dirt-attracting textures of casts. This barrier not only keeps your cast clean, it also helps prevent your cast from tracking grime in from the streets. For active adults and children who play outside, we recommend having one cast cover for outdoors and one for indoors. For the ultimate cleanliness, keep an extra cast cover just for bedtime and have the additional comfort of knowing your linens will stay fresher and be protected from snags. Plus, The Cast Cover™ is machine-washable, so it’s easy to have a clean one on-hand. Protect Yourself, Your Things and Others From Scratches Wearing The Cast Cover™ not only protects your skin and belongings from the rough edges of casts, it will spare the skin and items of those around you as well. Just one swipe of an uncovered cast edge has the potential to draw blood, nick furniture or pull threads from upholstery and clothing. Take the initiative and make living with your cast easier on yourself and others.

Our Leg Cast Covers Allow You To Vent and Cover Toes

All of The Cast Cover™ for Legs feature the one-of-a-kind Versa-Toe-Flip™ design, a built-in toe cap, which can be flipped open to allow your toes to breathe or pulled over your toes to shelter. The Cast Cover for Legs offers an optional fleece-lined toe for additional warmth in colder climates. Our unique leg cast covers protect your toes from sunburn, windburn and wind-blown dirt and germs. Don’t trust your cast protection to just any brand. The Cast Cover™ offers an unparalleled combination of premium construction and protective features to shield your cast better than any other cover on the market.