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Product Description

The Cast Cover™ for Arms is designed to wear over your long arm cast every day. This arm cast protector will keep the cast clean, smooth and more hygienic. In addition to providing the sizes needed to cover casts for men, women and children, we also have a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can “Cover my cast” with a fun and stylish cover that will be a little more enjoyable to wear than your plain cast.

Our cast covers are made from a 4-way stretch fabric that provides a snug fit along with easy put on and removal. It is durable and machine washable so that it is easy to care for. Our products are made in the United States with a durable fabric and cross-stitch construction that makes them the highest quality product of their type available today. Whether you need an adult or children’s cast cover, this is a piece of orthopedic equipment that is essential for anyone with a cast.

Benefits of Long Arm Cast Covers

Keeping your cast covered isn’t just a more visually appealing way of wearing a cast. It also serves as a layer of protection and additional comfort to the person who is dealing with the obstacles of wearing a cast. The benefits include:

  • Provides a protective layer between the rough edges on the cast and yours and others’ skin to prevent scratching
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Facilitates easier slipping on and off of shower and bath covers
  • Prevents cast from snagging linens or furniture
  • Helps to prevent dirt from getting on and inside of the cast
  • Machine washable
  • Durable fabric and construction with flatlock seams for added comfort
  • Choose from a wide variety of styles, sizes, colors and patterns
  • Made in the USA

Cover My Cast with Comfort

A broken arm is never a comfortable situation. The cast can bring unexpected challenges to wearers of any age. The Cast Cover™ can help make those challenges less of a struggle, even when it may be required for an extended period of time. Whereas a typical cast will often cause irritation to the skin around the rough edges, The Cast Cover for Arms provides a barrier that will alleviate the pain.
The same rough edges on the cast can snag carpets, ruin clothing and scratch others near you. The Cast Cover™ arm cast protector is all you need to address these concerns and solve some of the frustrating issues that used to be a part of wearing a cast. It is just as effective at preventing damage from the cast as it is at helping to prevent dirt from getting to the inside the cast.

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